When Is The Right Time To Clear Up IRS Problems?

When is the right time to clear up IRS problems?

I suppose that depends entirely on the individual with the problems.

In the case of my friend who I just found out has IRS problems of his own his reason for putting them off was because he wanted to solve them later rather than sooner.

Maybe you can relate.

It’s not like my friend is a major procrastinator either.

In my experience the reasons most people put off getting their IRS problemsĀ are:

1) Shame – It’s embarrassing as hell to discuss and because the solution is not within them they get stymied because they don’t ask for help.

2) Procrastinator – I’ll get to it as soon as the levies hit.

3) Optimist – I’ll pay off my problem as soon as I start making more money.

4) Oblivious – What IRS tax problem?

5) Fear – Man I don’t even want to think about this stuff. It’s making me sick.

On my radio show today I interviewed “John” and we discussed how everyone finds themselves in a hole at some point or another and that the only solution is to dig yourself out of it.

When you do:

1) You feel better
2) You can get on with your life
3) You’re freed up mentally from the mental bondage of the experience